Our Organization

Having Fun & Bringing Hope

Sing from Your Heart Chorus is a unique vocal ensemble for persons with memory loss and early-to-mid-stage dementia and a support partner to share in the joy and benefits of music through singing.  It is primarily designed as an opportunity for persons with dementia who are still residing at home to engage in a community activity.

There are many real benefits from participating in a community chorus. For persons with dementia and their support partners, singing together in a chorus replaces isolation and loneliness with belonging, acceptance and community.  The joy and hope created through singing together can help overcome feelings of loss and sadness.  Sing from Your Heart Chorus provides opportunities and support for persons with dementia to live a life of purpose and meaning.  This chorus also serves to educate the broader community about how persons with dementia can remain active, participate in choral music, enjoy community activities and create meaningful experiences for themselves, other chorus members and those who attend the events.  

Mission of Sing From Your Heart

The mission of Sing From Your Heart Chorus is to encourage and inspire persons with memory loss and dementia to live well through the power and joy of singing together.  

Concerts & Rehearsals Schedule